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A supplement for Powergame 5th Edition
Edition 1.1 (12 March 1999)

Copyright © 1998, 1999 by Mikko Kauppinen
All rights reserved, except as noted in the text


Several people have asked for an equipment list for Powergame. While I think it should be fairly easy to rate weapons, vehicles and other items with the help of the Universal Power Level Tables, I understand that some examples would come in handy. Thus, without further ado, I present the Hardware Handbook.

The weapons and vehicles described in this supplement illustrate the possibilities of modern firepower by offering game statistics for some of the most common models. Using the Universal Tables and comparing to similar weapons on this list it should be easy to assign stats for any other weapon you want to use in your campaign. Besides, within the compressed power scale of Powergame most items belonging to a given category (such as pistols or main battle tanks) have similar game stats.


Click on the name of the weapon to see a picture of it (in some cases the picture might show a slightly different model). These are located on various servers, so loading the image might take a while. All rights to the pictures belong to someone else than me.

2.1. Handguns

2.2. Sub-Machine Guns

2.3. Shotguns

2.4. Assault Rifles

2.5. Sniper Rifles

2.6. Machine Guns

2.7. Heavy Weapons


3.1. Ground Vehicles

3.2. Helicopters

3.3. Airplanes


A number of books and other publications were used as source material. They include:

Each and every book is an essential addition to any home library. I would also like to thank all those people and organizations who contributed images for this supplement without knowing it. If you happen to read this and object to the usage of your files, please e-mail me and I'll remove the picture.