PowerForce Adventures

A Sourcebook project for Powergame
Copyright © 2000, by Marcelo Sarsur
The Powergame is Copyright © 1994-1997 by Mikko Kauppinen


And sometimes is seen a strange spot in the sky;
A human being that was given to fly

    "Given to Fly", Pearl Jam

Welcome to the PowerPlant!

This is the official website for the PowerForce and its Universe. The PowerPlant is the headquarters of the PowerForce, the premier super-team in the Universe. This is a project of the Powergame mailing list - creating a universe for use in the Powergame. The objective of the editors is to finish the project and release it with the newest Powergame version, edition 5.5.

In this website, you will find resources and drafts to work on the project, as well as information about the progress oif the project and its main develpments. When the final drafts are ready, the netbook will be published here for free download.

Best regards, and waiting for your participation,

Marcelo Sarsur, editor

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Resources index:

(Before submitting, download and read the Powergame books!)

  • PowerForce Submissions - what and how to submit and be part of the project!

  • PowerForce - the main super-team in the PowerForce universe, its characters and history.

  • The Meta-Human League - criminals or heroes? The defenders of the meta-human rights on the PowerForce Universe!

  • PowerTeam - the teenage superteam on Earth, and their amazing adventures. By Mauno Joukamaa.

  • PowerForce Villains - some of the evil villains in the PowerForce Universe and their backgrounds.

  • PowerForce Aliens - the most known alien races in the planet and their relations with mankind.

  • Pandora's Box - A PowerForce Universe Adventure - the first adventure set in the PowerForce Universe, and probably the adventure that will be part of the final netbook. Worth taking a look! By Dotan Dimet.

  • Powergame Character Generator 1.0 - the first online character generator for Powergame, all written in JavaScript! You must use a 4.0 browser or superior with JavaScript enabled to use this resource. Check it out!

  • If you already know about the project and want to discuss it with other fans, come to the PowerForce Chatroom!


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