The Meta-Human League

Draft Version 0.2
Based on the PowerForce Campaign Setting by Marcelo Sarsur and Development Team
Copyright © 2000, by Marcelo Sarsur
The Powergame is Copyright © 1994-1997 by Mikko Kauppinen


Homo sapiens superium

The next step on human evolution. Super-humans with astonishing powers. A race on the verge of extinction.

Racism and prejudice raged across the planet at the same time the Dawn of the Superium enlightened the skies. Humans saw in the Superium-affected people the end of their existence, a new step they would never reach. The explosion of super-powered criminals incited the formation of an armed terrorist group, the Human Command, with the only objective of annihilating the Superium race. Many innocent meta-humans were hunted and killed, until the PowerForce confronted the Human Command.

But the defeat of the Human Command was not enough for one man. He wanted revenge.

Paul Bernard Yeart, a lawyer, witnessed the murder of a super-human child in the streets of Chicago, his hometown. He used his powers to pursue the Human Command murderers, but he was too late to save the child's life. Over the girl's dead body, Paul swore revenge in the name of his persecuted race. Instead of joining the PowerForce, he decided to form an organization that would protect the rights of meta-humans worldwide. He also had a strong hatred of humans and their prejudice, a hatred that gave incentive to his ideas of meta-human superiority.

Several ex-criminals joined Refractor in his quest for meta-human rights. The Meta-Human League became a non-sanctioned super-team, acting all over North America, and one of the PowerForce's main foes. The League used some criminal tactics such as attacking Human Command secret hideouts and kidnapping enemies of the meta-human cause. During the dissolution of the PowerForce and the Krethorian Invasion, the role of the Meta-Human League changed completely.

The League became the last bastion of the Earth Resistance, as the PowerForce and the PowerTeam disappeared. Several PowerForce members joined the Resistance, and Quantum returned from the outer space to release the Earth from the Krethorian grip, forming a new PowerForce. However Dragon, a former PowerForcer, decided to join Refractor and form a new, modern version of the Meta-Human League. The League still focuses on protecting Superium-affected humans, but the welfare of the planet is also the welfare of meta-humans. No longer the MHL neglects its role as a worldwide super-human organization.

The three main roles of the Meta-Human League are: to protect and help meta-humans in danger; to help meta-humans understand and control their powers; and to work against the racism and prejudice against meta-humans.

A Universe of Equality

When the planet fell to the clutches of an evil Alien Empire, the United Nations realized that mankind needed more protection besides the official UN super-team, the PowerForce, dismissed by the UN Security Council after the apparent demise of William M. Power. Now, it is permitted for any Earth citizen to be a vigilante, assuming that this person will register himself/herself with a codename and offer his services to the UN in an Extreme Emergency code, such as alien attacks and natural disasters in a global scale. Every registered super-human is considered a reserve member of the PowerForce and may be summoned by the team when his or her abilities are required.

The Meta-Human League, formerly a criminal organization, was the first non-official team to be registered through the new rules for super-human groups. The requirement to offer services to the PowerForce is not well-accepted by many of the MHL members, but Refractor has assured that the team will always act in global emergencies. Philosophical conflicts between the PowerForce and the Meta-Human League are still common, especially when super-criminals are involved. The Meta-Human League tends to view the PowerForce as sell-outs to the human majority, while the PowerForce dislikes the way the League treats super-criminals, offering them refuge in exchange for an affiliation.

The Human Command is the main enemy of the Meta-Human League, and a common foe to the PowerForce as well. The Human Command is a military entity which declares the menace of the meta-human domination and wants to utterly annihilate all Superium-affected people. The Meta-Human League attacks the Human Command whenever possible, even though a full-scaled war against humans is not in Refractor's plans. Refractor's utopia is the Republic of Superia, where all super-humans will have the right to be free and equal, under the protection of a Super-Human Army. He is preparing the Meta-Human League to assume the position of this army, and his territorial ambitions may lead the MHL into uncertain ways.

Meta-Human League: Organization and Member Roster

The Meta-Human League is composed of about 120 affiliated members in 5 offices/regions: Chicago (North America), Paris (Europe), Johannesburg (Africa), Auckland (Asia) and Rio de Janeiro (Central/South America). The members of each League office must report to the local office once a month, and the offices provide them with missions, shelter and resources. The Meta-Human League is funded by donations and other services offered by the members. It is a non-profit organization whose chief is Refractor, commander of the Chicago Office and the Main Team.

The Main Team is formed by several members from the local Offices and the Main Office. They are based on the Chicago Office, and act as ambassadors and supers for the MHL. Refractor is the responsible for the member roster of the Main Team, and he commands the group in field missions. The Main Team is formed by some of the old Meta-Human League members (Refractor, Jaguar, Boulder), an ex-PowerForcer (Dragon) and new members from the local Offices of the League (Hardball, Icarus, Rebel and Spectrum). It is generally the Main Team that acts in emergency calls around the world, thanks to stolen Krethorian technology.

Refractor (Paul Bernard Yeart):

Attributes: Agility 3, Strength 1, Health 1+1, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1+1, Psyche 1, Protection 4 (Energy shield), Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Agility, Energy Shield 4, Flight 2, Vital Support 3, Laser blast 5
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Allies: MHL, Bad Reputation - Humans, Good Reputation - MHL Leader, Light dependency 4 (Refractor's superpowers cannot work without a light source, and, if he is deprived of light for more than 24 hours, his organism is severely affected)
Skills: Law, Politics, Social Studies, Strategy, Martial arts, Firearms, Biology (Superium effects on living organisms), German, Spanish

Date of Birth: February 27, 1966
Height: 1,76 m.
Weight: 69 kg
Hair color: Blond
Eyes: Green
Blood type: A

Paul Bernard was a brilliant lawyer in Illinois, where he had fame and respect. His office was very requested, and his life was fulfilled. However, the Dawn of the Superium and the riots that followed gave him a new reason to live. Paul was surprised by his astonishing new light powers, and decided to serve all mankind by joining the PowerForce. He was about t leave Chicago to the meeting in the Madison Square Garden when the Human Command attacked downtown Chicago.

Paul hid his powers until he saw a little girl called Janet being attacked by a Human Command soldier. He couldn't do anything before the girl was mortally shot. Her only sin was to possess a slight telekinetic power, which brought the attention of the Human Command over her. Paul's wrath created a potent laser blast that killed the murderer, and then Paul decided that the PowerForce was not the solution for the meta-human problems. He would form a team to destroy the enemies of the meta-humans and put the Superium-affected people in their rightful place as the superior human faction.

Refractor organized the Meta-Human League and became one of the most hunted super-criminals on Earth, second only to Dr. Kheops himself. The Meta-Human League faced the PowerForce as foes and allies, until the PowerForce was dissolved by the UN. Refractor decided to continue the Meta-Human League's efforts to protect the Homo sapiens superium, until the Krethorians conquered the Earth. When mankind missed a force to protect them from the Krethorian menace, Refractor decided to form an underground resistance against the invasion. The Meta-Human League, some of the former PowerForce members and most of the Superium-affected people on Earth were part of the Earth Resistance.

Refractor welcomed Major Power back to Earth, and a united Earth Resistance movement destroyed the major Krethorian strongholds on the planet. The invasion was over, and it was time for Refractor to organize a new Meta-Human League. He forgot his prejudice against humans, and decided to fight against the racism in all its forms. Refractor is a responsible leader and a strong man, eager to bring peace and justice to his race.


Boulder (Mikhail Yrag):

Attributes: Agility 1-1, Strength 5, Health 5, Charisma 0, Wits 1, Psyche 1, Protection 5 (Rock skin), Speed 1-1
Superpowers: Amplified Strength, Amplified Health, Amplified Protection, Create Earthquakes 3
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Allies: MHL, Vow: to be the best fighter in the world again, Vulnerability: Sound Attacks 3
Skills: Wrestling, Throwing, Fast-talking, Intimidation, Russian, English

Date of Birth: January 3, 1970
Heigth: 2,00 m.
Weight: 280 kg
Hair color: No hair
Eyes: Gray
Blood type: O

Mikhail Yrag has been through many situations. He once was one of the greatest wrestlers in Russia, until he suffered a car accident caused by drunk driving. Mikhail lost his leg movements after the shock, and he would never walk or fight again. His title was taken by his greatest rival, and he became a reason for laughter and scorn. When the Dawn of the Superium hit Russia, Mikhail noticed that his skin became thicker, and he gained weight at a rapid pace. He was also able to walk again, but at a hard cost: his body was now made of rock!

It was not a problem for Mikhail to adapt himself to his new powers. His strength reached superhuman levels, and he used his powers to commit crimes and avenge his lost title. He assumed the codename Boulder, and joined the Meta-Human League in their terrorist actions. He faced the PowerForce several times, and his strength was unmatched. Mikhail hates humans and how they treat him as a rock aberration.

During the Krethorian Invasion, Mikhail was sent to the Rocky Mountains in search of a Native totem that could give the Earth Resistance a better chance to face the Krethorians. Instead, Mikhail discovered that he could now cause small earthquakes to destroy walls and affect his enemies' balance, a new power he learned to use well.


Jaguar (Helena Cruz):

Attributes: Agility 4, Strength 3, Health 3, Charisma 2, Wits 1+1, Psyche 1, Protection 1, Speed 1+1
Superpowers: Amplified Agility, Amplified Strength, Amplified Health, Charm (men only) 4, Superhuman senses 4, Superjumps 3
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Wealth, Allies: MHL, Greed
Skills: Fighting, Acrobatics, Stealth, Seduction, Intimidation, Business Administration, Subterfuge, Torture, Spanish, English

Date of Birth: November 7, 1974
Heigth: 1,70 m.
Weight: 57 kg
Hair color: Brown
Eyes: Light hazel
Blood type: B

Helena Cruz was a powerful tycoon in Mexico, until the Mexican government found out about the several law violations she committed to increase her fortune. She was being persecuted by the police when the Dawn of the Superium hit Cozumel, her refuge, and gave her superpowers to distract her enemies. She is a specialist in using her beauty to destroy a man's will, and she is quite amused by her attractive abilities.

After escaping from the clutch of the law in Mexico, Helena tried her new powers by climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris and stealing pieces of art all across Europe. Her criminal actions drew the attention of the European organized crime, and. Refractor helped Jaguar to leave Europe. She joined the MHL right away. She never cared very much for her race, but she considered the League and the terrorist actions to be extremely fun.

The Krethorian Invasion changed Helena's life radically. She was sent to a mission in Japan, where she was seriously injured by a Krethorian lieutenant called Rakkar. A former PowerForcer, Dragon, saved her life and helped her destroying the Emperor's power in Asia. Dragon and Jaguar started a strange love affair, and now they live together in San Francisco, trying to build a new life together and a new Meta-Human League.


Dragon (Joe Kazuki):

Attributes: Agility 4, Strength 3, Health 2, Charisma 1, Wits 1, Psyche 1+1, Protection 1, Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Agility, Amplified Strength, Superjumps 4, Regeneration 2, Lightning Bolts 3
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Wealth, Overconfidence, Vow: to protect the Heart of the Dragon, Secret Knowledge: Underworld, Allies: MHL
Skills: Martial Arts, Swords, Japanese Mythology, Business Administration, Stealth, Japanese, English

Date of Birth: June 6, 1973
Heigth: 1,74 m.
Weight: 68 kg
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Reddish brown
Blood type: A

Joe Kazuki is a descendent of a Japanese immigrant family in the US west coast. His grandparents decided to start a new life in the USA, and they built an industrial empire from Seattle to San Diego. The Kazukis' businesses ranged from high-tech home appliances to computers, and Joe always enjoyed a good life. Joe never met his parents, but his birth documents stated that he was born in Japan. His parents died in a boat accident when Joe was 2 years old, and he was raised by an old man, Master Hyaki, who also took care of the family businesses.

Master Hyaki taught Joe the ancient martial arts, and gave him a Samurai Sword of Honor. Soon, Joe became a master in all sorts of techniques, and he received the title of master. When Joe reached the age of 18, he took over the administration of the Kazuki Inc., and his personality changed completely. Master Hyaki was still living with him, but he couldn't do much to stop the changes in Joe's behavior.

Joe was now a playboy. He didn't care about the teachings and discipline of the martial arts, and decided to dedicate himself to his business and to his desires. When sailing with his girlfriend Kate Jennings, Joe saw the Dawn of the Superium, as well as the massive waves it produced on the Pacific ocean. Joe's boat was destroyed, while Joe used his powers to reach the coast and Kate disappeared, never to be seen again. Master Hyaki awaited for Joe in the beach, and told him he needed to be humble and responsible from that moment on. Joe assumed the codename Dragon and joined the PowerForce.

Dragon always disliked the PowerForce, especially Blackjack and Major Power. He lacked the patience and comprehension that Master Hyaki wanted him to develop. Dragon found out during the Saryan attacks that Kate survived and had become a half-Saryan named Tidal Warrior. Their relationship, however, was never the same again, even after Kate joined the PowerForce. On the other hand, Dragon's arrogance put the PowerForce into several dangerous situations, and he even lost his Sword of Honor because of a backlash of Blackjack's powers. When the PowerForce faced Dr. Kheops and Major Power disappeared, Dragon was one of the first members to leave the team.

During the days of the Krethorian attack, Master Hyaki disappeared. Dragon started to look for him, following some clues about his past in Japan. Master Hyaki was not the man he seemed to be: he was an imp who received orders from a diabolical being of the Underworld. In times past, the demons sought to destroy the human race, and enslave their free souls. However, the children of the Earth, the dragons, rebelled against the demons and allowed mankind to survive. Master Hyaki had the task of controlling the last dragon in human form, Joe Kazuki, and making sure he would not find out about the new plans of the Underworld to take over the planet. Joe discovered Master Hyaki's secret, and, with Jaguar's help, he defeated the demons and recovered the Heart of the Dragon, a magical stone that keeps the Underworld masters at bay. Dragon recovered his Sword of Honor, and now he is ready to protect mankind from the demons.

Dragon's new relationship with Jaguar was the reason he decided to join the Meta-Human League. He talked with Refractor and, even after some of the League members distrusted an ex-member of the PowerForce, Dragon is now part of the team. He wants to be free from his teammates whenever he desires, while he still likes the good parts of teamwork. His addition was invaluable to the main team of the MHL.


Hardball (Chris Bradford): - Created by Mikko Kauppinen

Attributes: Agility 1, Strength 2, Health 2, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1, Psyche 1, Protection 1, Speed 1
Superpowers: Throwing 6, Ballistics 6, Amplified Strength, Amplified Health
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Legendary celebrity, Good Reputation, Allies: MHL, Egotistic
Skills: Throwing, Baseball, Running, Driving, Contacts: Press, Firearms, First Aid

Date of Birth: April 12, 1972
Height: 1,84 m.
Weight: 76 kg
Hair color: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Blood type: AB

Chris Bradford has always been a phenomenal baseball pitcher. As a kid he was always the first choice for any neighborhood team. In high school he was as good as the best college players. In college it was clear that he would be the next big name of the sport, the next Babe Ruth or DiMaggio. All this meant that his college got a very large sum of money when they made a deal with Boston Red Sox. The exact amount was not revealed, but according to the Sox' PR men, it was the largest sum ever paid of any man, in any sport.

If the team's managers had any concerns, they were quickly proven groundless. Bradford broke all single-season pitching records with his amazing arm. As a batter he was only average, but that was more than offset by his speciality. When his second season with the team was over, Boston had won the World Series and he was the most famous athlete in the USA. His best hardballs were often called "inhuman", but no-one really thought he had any super powers.

Then came the opening match of the next season, after the disturbing months that followed the Dawn of the Superium. When Bradford was getting ready to pitch, the packed stadium roared. Then silence followed, as usual. The fans didn't want to disturb their hero. Bradford's arm moved far faster than eye could follow. The ball whizzed past the batter before he could react. It tore a gaping hole in the catcher's glove, broke his wrist and smashed some of the stadium's structures.

Bradford was forced to leave the sport. He, his fans, and the Red Sox all mourned it, but it was ruled that super powers are an unfair advantage to an individual. He was still a celebrity, though: the government wanted to study his power, and he gladly accepted their offer. After one year he did not dare to use full power anymore. After two years the government's best scientists could not even estimate his potential. They knew that he was the most rapidly developed super hero in existence, but that was about it.

Many tests were performed. Some are still classified, but most are public knowledge, and indeed folk legends. Perhaps Bradford's most famous feat was his "Spaceball". NASA manufactured a special metal ball, which was supposed to withstand atmospheric friction. With that ball, Bradford hit the Moon. He calculated the trajectory all by himself, in a matter of few minutes. Then he concentrated, and threw the ball on its way. Later NASA confirmed that he had hit. Hardball can destroy main battle tanks with suitable thrown objects, and that is not even close to his maximum potential. He can also calculate the right trajectory for his throw faster than a supercomputer. And even though he does not use his muscles to accelerate his throws, he still has a very well-developed body, stronger than most men's.

Today he is 27 years old, and he joined the MHL after the Krethorian Invasion. He usually acts as a fire support section, tossing hand grenades and other small explosives from far away. He is also a very good sniper: with a 10X scope and a .50 inch lead ball he can hit anything he wants, even if he prefers the action of the battlefield.


Icarus (Eros Ptolomonis): - Based on a Pearl Jam song, "Given to Fly"

Attributes: Agility 1+1, Strength 1, Health 1+1, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1, Psyche 1, Protection 1, Speed 1 (Flying 4)
Superpowers: Flight 4, Bird Control 2, Resistance to Pressure 4
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Talent for Music, Awe-inspiring appearance, Allies: MHL, Claustrophobia 1
Skills: Guitar playing, Poetry, Melee weapons, Greek, English, Psychology, Streetlore

Date of Birth: February 18, 1975
Height: 1,82 m.
Weight: 72 kg
Hair color: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: O

Eros Ptolomonis was the only son of a wealthy and traditional Greek family. He studied in the best schools and received all the best money could buy. He was a brilliant songwriter, and he started composing when he was 5 years old. All indicated that Eros would have a great future, but his family could not buy happiness. His parents' marriage was over when he was 13 years old.

Eros became more and more revolted against society and his family's hypocrisy. He turned himself to his works, and spent most of his days playing and writing songs about agony and anger. One day, he exploded on an attack of wrath, and was taken to a mental hospital because of his mental breakdown. Nothing could save him.

Eros was considered insane, even though he kept full conscience of his actions. He was alone, locked in a cell, where he waited for a chance to escape. During a power blackout, he found his chance. Eros fled the mental hospital where his parents put him, and hitchhiked his way out, crossing hundreds of miles. He arrived at the ocean, where he rested, and the Second Dawn of the Superium hit him, delivering him a pair of white wings.

He had the sea as his floor. The sensation of his flight opened his eyes to his new power.

He returned to the mental hospital to offer freedom to the other prisoners who suffered like him. He wanted to make a difference in the world, but he was chased by the Police and his parents, who injured him and forced him to come back to land. In a sudden move, he fled.

He joined the Meta-Human League, so he could help other people in need. He is a selfless hero, giving away his attention and help, and asking for nothing back. He is one of the most respected members of the MHL, and his angelic appearance causes many people to awe him. Icarus is a caring, responsible man, who likes nothing more than seeing every person on Earth living in peace.


Rebel (Anne Lamont):

Attributes: Agility 1+1, Strength 1, Health 1, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1, Psyche 3, Protection 1, Speed 1
Superpowers: Mind suggestion 5, Amplified Psyche, Mind reading 2
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Contacts: European press, Acute sight, Impulsive, Allies: MHL, Enemy: Helmut Rauch
Skills: Journalism, Photography, Drawing, Debate, Fighting, Motorcycles, French, English

Date of Birth: April 17, 1974
Height: 1,66 m.
Weight: 51 kg
Hair color: Reddish brown
Eyes: Hazel
Blood type: A

Anne Lamont was a person who knew too much. She was an investigative reporter in Bordeaux, where she discovered a connection between Helmut Rauch, a famous international criminal, and a local politician. Her life was at risk, but she publicized the connection in a national scale. Since that day, she was chased by Helmut Rauch's henchmen.

She gained her astonishing powers during the Second Dawn of the Superium, and they appeared suddenly when she was surrounded by hired assassins. She convinced them not to kill her just by speaking to them. She quickly found out that she could read one's thoughts and use them to manipulate one's actions. She could influence large crowds just by speaking to them.

She joined the Earth Resistance as Rebel, and met Dragon and Refractor while fighting off the Krethorians in Europe. It was a natural step for her to join the Meta-Human League, where she assumed the command of the European Office and, later, became a member of the Main Team. Rebel is a curious, inquisitive person, and very impulsive. She devotes part of her time to ruin Helmut Rauch's crime empire, while protecting the rights of the meta-humans.


Spectrum (Isaac Bershiem):

Attributes: Agility 1, Strength 1, Health 1, Charisma 1, Wits 1+1, Psyche 1, Protection 1, Speed 1
Superpowers: Infrared manipulation 5 (Wizard Power), Detect radiation 2, Amplified vision 3
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Wealth, Family name, Allies: MHL, Dependent: Jennifer Rochester
Skills: Business, Etiquette, History, Society affairs, Religion, Driving, Firearms, Ancient languages - Hebrew

Date of Birth: December 11, 1971
Height: 1,72 m.
Weight: 66 kg
Hair color: Brown
Eyes: Light brown
Blood type: B

Isaac was born in Israel, and his father was an entrepreneur who died in a battle between Jews and Arabs. He grew up hating the racism and prejudice, yet he didn't have a place for revenge, just a desire for peace in his country. His family was very religious, and Isaac learned soon to be loyal to his family and principles.

During the Second Dawn of the Superium and the public riots that followed the detonation, Isaac discovered his powers. He could manipulate infrared energy that can be found in the air to form objects or produce energy blasts. He likes to use his power to form shields and weapons to protect himself and others. His talents were reported to Refractor, and he soon joined the Earth Resistance against the Krethorians.

After the battles for the freedom of Earth, Spectrum was invited to join the Meta-Human League. He disliked the idea of masked superheroes, but Refractor convinced him of the injustices that were being made to the meta-human race. Isaac wants to work hard and assure that, someday, Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo sapiens superium will live in harmony and peace.

Isaac lives a personal conflict: his girlfriend, Jennifer Rochester, a human that supports the cause of the meta-humans, is not Jewish. Even though he loves her, he knows his orthodox family would never accept their marriage. While living in the USA, he decided to keep their relationship as a secret. He works with the Main Team, and, in his spare time, looks after the Office in Johannesburg.


A Final Word on the Meta-Human League

The MHL is a new concept on the PowerForce Universe: it is the first non-official superteam to join the PowerForce in the protection of the planet. However, their objectives are sometimes conflicting with those of the PowerForce, and many adventure seeds can be generated because of this factor.

The details of the local Offices and the member rosters were open for the GMs' sake, allowing for campaign customization. One could create a whole campaign on one of the local Offices, including the members of the League and the Local Office Team. It is up to every GM to elaborate the League and adequate its concept to the campaign. The roster of the Main Team can also be altered, permitting new characters and ideas to be inserted without major distress to the campaign scenario.

Let's create a world! And if you want to e-mail me personally to get more information on NPCs and give opinions about this draft, send e-mails to