The PowerForce Villains

Draft Version 0.2
Based on the PowerForce Campaign Setting by Marcelo Sarsur and Development Team
Copyright 2000, by Marcelo Sarsur
The Powergame is Copyright 1994-1997 by Mikko Kauppinen


One year ago...

A meteor crashed on Earth, releasing the energies of an unknown chemical element on our atmosphere. Thanks to this element, called Superium, mankind faced a new evolutionary step: super-powered beings, as in comic books and sci-fi stories, entered the world. Mastering the energies in their own cells, they gained amazing powers.

A man from ancient times, the despotic Kheops, woke from his long sleep. His plans of world conquest were again started as he visited the Madison Square Garden, offering powers and wealth to those who allied to him, and death for those who refused his New World Order. He fought a group of super-powered humans, the team who came to be known as the PowerForce. His plans were frustrated every time the PowerForce interfered, and he grew in anger and determination.

Two months ago...

Dr. Kheops and the PowerForce had their last battle of tragic proportions. Kheops planned to build his insane Empire over the ashes of the world. He created an atomic device made of Superium which explosion would shatter the planet, leaving only barren ashes. Major Power, Kheops's archenemy, and Kheops himself were dragged in the chaotic energies, and both vanished. Quantum, the most powerful human being in the Universe, was reborn as the Superium energies covered the Earth for a second time. New super-humans were created, and a new age was about to begin.

Without Dr. Kheops, his Assecles departed, except for Pilgrim and his golem Sphinx. They protected Kheops's headquarters under the sands of the Sahara, and there they plotted their master's return...


As Earth doesn't have a super-team to protect them anymore, the Krethorians, a race of evil aliens, attacks Earth with a vengeance. Mankind faces slavery and defeat, but some of the former PowerForce members and new heroes join together to save the planet from the biggest menace since the Dawn of the Superium. Their cause seems lost until Major Power returns...

But the Krethorian Invasion was not a problem for Pilgrim. The alien technology allowed him to finish his Cloning device and construct a new body for his master. A former PowerForce member, the mysterious woman known as Sekmet, summoned back the Assecles planning the final victory against the PowerForce...

...As Dr. Kheops is reborn from his ashes...

A Universe of Evil

The PowerForce Universe has several villains. Many of the foes the PowerForce fought in their first year as super-heroes became super-heroes too, as the New Red Army and the Meta-Human League, two teams that today count former PowerForce members as their own members.

But not all of the villains in the world turned into heroes after the Super-Human Registration Act. Dr. Kheops is back from the dead, and planning the ultimate conquest plan. Gaumird the Fallen Atlantean, a man stripped of his honor and rank by a half-human, PowerForce's Tidal Warrior, wants revenge against his nemesis and against mankind for defeating the Saryan forces he commanded in the war against the surface people. Brainstorm, a man killed by Blackjack and reborn through Dr. Kheops's astonishing powers, uses his mind-mazes as a weapon against Blackjack and Synapse. Helmut Rauch, Poltergeist's criminal uncle, plans on conquering the entire European and international underworld. Czar, New Red Army's former leader, wants to return the Russian Empire to its glory as it was before the 20th Century. Euthanasia, the strange man who killed half of the super-team known as PowerTeam, is still haunting mankind with his strange desire to bring the "relief of death" to all. And Prophet, a man who considers the Super-beings as the Angels of the Future, wants to impose a theocracy commanded by the Superium.

Underground villain teams, as the Bloody Hand (a Yakuza-commanded super-team) and the Chosen Ones (Kheops's Assecles led by Sekmet, a former PowerForce member) are still active in the world. The PowerForce faces the Human Command forces (a military group that wants to defend mankind from super-powered beings) and several hostile Alien races such as the Krethorians.

PowerForce Villains: Roster

Dr. Kheops (Dr. Edward Tylers/Khufu Al Reahl - Secret Identity):

Attributes: Agility 4, Strength 5, Health 5, Charisma 2, Wits 3, Psyche 4, Protection 5, Speed 2
Superpowers: Several Amplified Attributes, Energy Blast 4, Flight 2, Astral Projection 3
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Leader of an Army, Scientific genius, Mankind enemy, Double personality, Enemy: Quantum, Infamous, Vulnerability: Transformation
Skills: Archeology, Anthropology, History, Biology, Egypt Mythology, Ancient fighting, Strategy, Sciences

Date of Birth: ? (About 2500 years ago)
Height: 2,50 m.
Weight: 200 kg
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Brown
Blood type: ?

Dr. Kheops is the main evil force in the PowerForce Universe. His story is a troubled one, and few people know his true origins, dating from thousands of years ago. He was once a dedicated archeologist, Dr. Edward Tylers, who inherited a legendary curse that fused his soul with an Egyptian outcast's, Khufu Al Reahl.

The child named Khufu Al Reahl was born in the lowest social class in the Ancient Egypt. His mother, a slave, always told him grandiose stories about the Pharaoh's court and she once said that, when Khufu was 15 years old, he would learn the secret about his father. Khufu was named after the Pharaoh, also known as Cheops. One day before Khufu's 15th birthday, his mother was raped and battered by the guards in the Pharaoh's palace. She finally, before her dying breath, told her son who his father truly was: the Pharaoh. Khufu led slave rebellions and became more than a mere annoyance to the State's forces, trying to conquer the power he imagined rightfully his. Khufu disappeared 13 years after his mother's death, and people commented that he made a dark pact with Set. In fact, Khufu was killed by his fellow slaves and buried at a construction site close to the Nile.

Dr. Edward Tylers was on an excavation site when he found a strange skull, marked with ankhs (the symbol of immortality) and without any decay sign. During the Dawn of the Superium, Dr. Tylers had an accident and his own skull fused with Khufu's, creating a monster that called himself Dr. Kheops. He proclaimed himself as the Envoy for the New Dynasty, an Empire as no other before. Several men and women serve the New Dynasty, and Kheops has an army of robots to do his bidding. Dr. Tylers has no control over his transformation, and he is not aware that he is, in fact, Mankind's worst foe.

Dr. Kheops was destroyed by the Second Dawn of the Superium, but his DNA was used by Pilgrim to form another body that could serve as a shell for Kheops's soul. Now Kheops has absolute control over his transformation, and Dr. Tylers has not been seen in months. In game terms, consider Dr. Tylers to have all Attributes at 1, except for Wits 2, and two Good Things: Fame and Moderate Wealth. Kheops's amazing powers, a mixture of Set's dark blessings and the Superium radiation, include Flight at will, powerful plasma blasts created by Kheops's Ankh-Scepter, Astral travel at will and super-human Attributes. He is a force to be feared, and the full extension of his might is not yet known.


Gaumird the Fallen Atlantean (Gaumird-hakk - Public Identity):

Attributes: Agility 2, Strength 3, Health 3, Charisma 1-1, Wits 1, Psyche 1, Protection 3 (Tidal Warrior garments), Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Strength, Amplified Health, Amplified Protection, Resistance to Pressure 3, Breathe underwater 3
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Saryan training, Enemy: Tidal Warrior, Infamous, Water Dependence 5
Skills: Military strategy, Melee weapons (Tridents, swords), Marine Biology, Leadership, Saryan language, English, Saryan history, Saryan martial combat

Date of Birth: 7th day of Low Tide, 2739, Hydrotys (Sometime in 1955)
Height: 1,78 m.
Weight: 80 kg
Hair color: Dark Blue
Eyes: Black
Blood type: Saryan

Gaumird was the most respected Tidal Warrior in Hydrotys. For centuries, since the first contact between Saryans and humans, Gaumird's family was responsible for leading the Saryan troops against any menace from the surface. The Saryans were a proud but peaceful people, but Gaumird always lusted for the glory of battle, a chance to punish the surface peoples for the destruction of Atlantys. He considered the humans as responsible for the destruction of their peaceful haven, abandoned when the Atlantic Ocean became a major sailing route. The Saryans could not risk being discovered, and so the Elders decided to leave the city.

When the first Dawn of the Superium hit the Earth, the Saryans thought it was a human attack. Gaumird voiced the people's indignation and he led an army to conquer Japan and the West American coast. Under his commands was a Half-Saryan, Kate Jennings, a fellow Tidal Warrior. He didn't consider her fit because she was partially human, and he plotted on her death in the battlefield. Unfortunately for his plans, Kate recovered her memories as a human being and he turned herself against the Conquer plans. The PowerForce fought the Saryan armies while Tidal Warrior and Gaumird dueled. During the terrible fight, Gaumird lost his left eye. Tidal Warrior, declaring herself as the Solo Commander for the Saryan forces, stopped the war against the Surface people. Gaumird was stripped of his position as a Tidal Warrior and he was exiled from Hydrotys. The suffix -hakk means Dishonored in the Saryan language.

He plans on destroying Tidal Warrior, getting his position as a Tidal Warrior back, and then commanding the Saryan forces for the ultimate Earth conquer. He fought actively against the Krethorian forces by Tidal Warrior's side, even though their enmity. The planet is far more important for him than his personal problems with a "half-human", as he says. He believes the Saryan race has more rights to the planet than mankind, because of all the destruction caused by men to the environment and to the seas.

He gained his powers using the Saryan technology to improve his body as a Tidal Warrior. He has some attributes above the average Saryan, and he uses his race's gifts such as Resistance to the Underwater pressure and his capacity to breathe underwater as advantages in combat. He depends on breathing water as normal humans depend on air, and therefore he uses a mask to breathe water while on the surface. He is a skilled leader and a vengeful man, willing to pay any price to avenge his deformity and his dishonor.


Brainstorm (Todd Huckers - Public Identity):

Attributes: Agility 1, Strength 1, Health 1+1, Charisma 1, Wits 1+1, Psyche 4, Protection 1, Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Psyche, Mind reading 4, Mind Mazes 4
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Musical talent, Drug addiction, Paranoia, Death Trauma 2
Skills: Singing, Bass playing, Music composing, Riding Motorcycles, Firearms (Handguns), Melee weapons (Daggers), Horror Movie lore, Writing

Date of Birth: July 23, 1979
Height: 1,71 m.
Weight: 72 kg.
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: A

Todd Huckers was the only son of a rich family, and as spoiled as he was, he still missed a brother, an older figure to be an example. He developed his musical talent at a young age, but nobody seemed interested in his accomplishments, until the day he met an older boy with a dream to form a new band in Seattle, a guy named Andrew Warren.

Andrew became the brother Todd never had; and he felt that he was important while playing with their new band, "Brainwash". He was a talented bass player and singer, sharing the vocals with Andrew. They were involved with drugs and the bad people in the underground music in Seattle, and Todd left home to follow Andrew's dream and music. He helped Andrew to finish his song "Drinking with Mr. Satan" and they celebrated together when they found out about the producer who was going to be in their show in the night of March 17th, 1998.

Todd celebrated too much. He was stunned with drugs and couldn't even play Andrew's song. In a burst of rage, Andrew killed Todd and Jack, their other band fellow. Todd saw the lights of the Dawn of the Superium before he finally gave up his life. He woke up months later, in a laboratory in the sands of the Sahara. The battle against Dr. Kheops and the Second Dawn of the Superium had just occurred, and Todd realized what had happened to him: Dr. Kheops brought him back to kill Blackjack once and for all. He escaped the abandoned headquarters without the Assecles' knowledge, and he went back to Seattle. He saw a chance to kill Blackjack and Synapse right after the dissolution of the PowerForce, but Synapse's mind powers were stronger than his were in the end. Now he escaped and he is plotting a way to destroy Blackjack, Synapse and live off his powers as a criminal.

His powers are used to shatter the enemy's will and force him to do whatever Brainstorm wants. He uses his so-called "Mind Mazes" to create real nightmares in the enemy's mind, scaring him or her to death, literally. He usually reads the enemy's worst nightmares and fears and materialize them in a dreamscape that can only be destroyed if the victim is aware that it is not true. Brainstorm still has the memories of his death in the Dawn of the Superium (he lost a considerable part of his sanity that night), and he has to fight this vulnerability every time he uses his mind reading powers. His main goal is to live his life away from Dr. Kheops and give Blackjack the same taste of death he had.


Helmut Rauch (Public Identity):

Attributes: Agility 1, Strength 1, Health 1, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1+1, Psyche 1+1, Protection 1, Speed 1
Superpowers: None
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Underworld contacts, Enemy: Poltergeist, Secret: being a crime lord, Wealth
Skills: Streetlore, Firearms, German, English, French, Italian, Business management, Subterfuge, Melee weapons (Rapiers)

Date of Birth: June 06, 1949
Height: 1,72 m.
Weight: 66 kg
Hair color: Grayish-blond
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: A

Helmut Rauch is maybe the most powerful crime lord in all of Europe. He has contacts with the Italian Mafia factions and with every sort of illicit business in the Old continent. His criminal headquarters are in Amsterdam, but he lives a life as an old playboy and automobilist industrial in Germany. He worked very hard since he was 8, and he built his fortune by working in legal businesses. When he was already a successful millionaire, in 1973, he was involved with a large debt made by his brother, Frederik, in a Casino in Monaco. He didn't offer to pay his brother's debt, and instead he made up a plan to kill his brother and assume his shares of the automobile company they owned together. Frederik and his wife were killed in Frankfurt, and their son Hans was taken to an orphanage.

Helmut grew in illegal businesses and he got more and more involved into the Underworld. Using his mental talents for business, he soon became one of West Germany's most feared crime lords, and nobody could track down his dirty business to the respectable facade of a serious industrial. He lived his dual life for a long time, until his nephew, as a phantom, surged to destroy his crime empire. Hans Rauch, now a known International thief, was hired by Helmut to steal plans from a rival company. Hans, aware of his parents' cruel murder, handed in the stolen plans to the Police. It was just a minor annoyance for Helmut to deny any involvement with Hans Rauch, but Helmut decided his nephew would pay the price for his daring action. Helmut hired mercenaries to bring Hans' head to him at any cost.

During the Dawn of the Superium, Hans was chased by Helmut's mercenaries and almost killed. Helmut considered Hans' menace as over when he learned about Poltergeist, a PowerForce member. Deep inside, he knew that Hans was alive. Since then, Helmut has tried unsuccessfully to kill Poltergeist, and he almost succeeded when he hired the Bloody Hand to destroy the PowerForce member. He didn't count on Prism's help, a young girl saved by Poltergeist when he was in England.

Helmut has no superpowers, but his keen intellect and his ability to fight with a rapier, besides the thugs and criminals he commands, are as dangerous as any other foe the PowerForce and Poltergeist face. He continues on his life of crime and secrecy, waiting for the chance to become the most powerful crime lord in the world and eliminate the only man he fears: Poltergeist, the Living Ghost, his own nephew.


Czar (Vladmir Bashkov - Public Identity):

Attributes: Agility 2, Strength 4, Health 3, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1, Psyche 2, Protection 3, Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Strength, Amplified Health, Amplified Protection
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Megalomaniac, Bad Reputation, Enemy: Metallik, Contacts: Russian army
Skills: Firearms, Piloting, Driving, Military Strategy, Russian History, Field Knowledge: Russia and Eastern Europe, Russian, English

Date of Birth: October 12, 1956
Height: 1,88 m.
Weight: 90 kg
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: O

Czar was a former member of the Red Army during the cold War, and he lived to protect his nation, the Soviet Union. He saw his country as one of the most glorious and powerful nations in the globe, and hoped that someday they would impose their will and vision to the whole world. He despised Americans and other capitalistic countries and dreamt of war, a war that never came.

When the USSR shattered, Vladmir thought of killing himself. All he loved, the greatness, the power, were forever lost. As he saw the politicians ruining his once-powerful nation, his pride was lost. He became a drunkard, lost in the streets of Moscow, killing himself slowly, until a cold night in March, 1998, when he saw the light of a new Russian Empire.

The Dawn of the Superium gave him amazing powers, and he considered that it was his fate to be the general leading Russia to greatness once more. He gathered more super-powered Russians and formed the New Red Army, an illegal super-team when the PowerForce was the only sanctioned force in the world. He even had Metallik as a member of his team when the PowerForce returned from the planet Sham'ssar. Metallik's membership was Czar's greatest victory over the PowerForce - and the reason of his downfall. Metallik soon realized Czar's dark political plans to overthrow the Russian government and wage war on Europe once more, and then he rebelled against his new leader. Czar and Metallik fought, and Czar was banished from the New Red Army. When the New Red Army had the chance to protect the Earth as the major Russian super-team and replacement for the PowerForce during the Krethorian Invasion, Czar tried to sell out the Resistance to the aliens. He failed, and he left for a secret hiding place in Siberia, where he once more plans on world domination.

Czar may not be the most powerful villain that the PowerForce faced, but he is certainly dangerous. He is fanatic and unstoppable when he plans on bringing back the glory to the Russian Empire. The New Red Army, a team founded by Czar and now led by his biggest foe, the former PowerForce member Metallik, is the main force in stopping Czar's plans locally, but when it becomes a global emergency the PowerForce is always involved. Czar has astonishing strength, stamina and endurance, besides his iron will to bring the world to it knees and restore the glory of Mother Russia.


Euthanasia (Unknown):

Attributes: Agility 1, Strength 4, Health 5, Charisma 0, Wits 1, Psyche 5, Protection 3, Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Strength, Amplified Health, Amplified Psyche, Amplified Protection, Mental Suggestion 4, Intangibility 5
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Vulnerability: Sunlight 6
Skills: Medicine, History, Herbalism, Chemistry (Drugs and Poison)

Date of Birth: ?
Height: 2,10 m.
Weight: ?
Hair color: ?
Eyes: Red
Blood type: ?

Euthanasia is a mystery. Nobody knows how he or she lived before the Second Dawn of the Superium or even if it is a human being. The first known apparition of Euthanasia was in New York City, when a number of deaths that appeared to be suicides brought the PowerTeam's attention. Burner, Green Gladiator and Salve, members of the PowerTeam, visited a dying man in his Hospital bed when a sinister figure, tall and slender as if it was made of living shadows, introduced himself as Euthanasia.

The deadly figure asked the man if he wanted the "sweet peace of death", and he offered himself to alleviate the man's suffering. The man refused, and the PowerTeam attacked. The battle was swift. All three PowerTeam members were killed by Euthanasia, and the rest of the Team, including the First Quantum, barely survived. Following this terrible battle, Euthanasia called Quantum and said that the deaths of his friends and fellow teammates was nothing compared to a man's life in the coldness of a silent grave. That night, Quantum left the Earth in search for Major Power.

Euthanasia's touch is as cold as marble and abnormally strong. His powers allow him to become untouchable at will, and therefore he can cross walls and fly. He uses his mental suggestions to incite suicides and murders, and he thinks that death is the final relief, a time to forget pain and suffering forever. In his distorted view, life is an offense to a man's intelligence, putting a man in situations of need and despair. His main goal is to bring death to all mankind. But he is not a murderer: he cannot act against anyone who doesn't want to die or doesn't fear death. Euthanasia disappeared during the Krethorian Invasion, and his whereabouts are unknown. The only weakness he has is the fear of sunlight, the only energy that can kill him. Euthanasia is a grim and dangerous enemy for the forces of good in the world.


Prophet (Anthony Parks - Public Identity):

Attributes: Agility 1, Strength 1, Health 3, Charisma 3, Wits 1, Psyche 3, Protection 1, Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Health, Amplified Charisma, Amplified Psyche, Force Field 3, Flight 3, Reality Manipulation 1
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Good Luck, Linguistic talent, Photographic memory, Infamous, Pacifist (Unable to fight or kill others)
Skills: Law, Theology, Writing, several different languages, Oratory, Diplomacy, Psychology

Date of Birth: January 7, 1966
Height: 1,72 m.
Weight: 66 kg
Hair color: Almond
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: B

Prophet was a troubled man until the Superium gave him a new reason to live. He was once a successful lawyer, but a lost case and a bribery destroyed his career. As a Catholic, he tried to atone himself from his sins and considered suicide not to be an option in his life. When he finally gave up and decided to hang himself, he saw a bright light shining over him - the Dawn of the Superium - and an Angel.

The Angel (a mirage) told him that great powers and blessings were bestowed upon the Chosen Children of the Lord. It was Anthony's job to be a Prophet of the New Age, leading the Angels on Earth and imposing their will over the ones who didn't deserve the Bless. He founded a cult named the Church of the Holy Angels, and started preaching and using his powers to simulate miracles. Soon many people joined the cult, and his plans of creating a new order for the Meta Humans were about to start. The PowerForce stopped Prophet from starting a Theocracy based on the Supers' worshipping. The Human Command, a military entity formed to destroy the Super-human menace and the UN viewed Prophet's cult with suspicion, and the PowerForce arrested Prophet after his followers killed a pack of Human Command soldiers. The Prophet's servants, while their boss was arrested, caused a serious wound to Invader, one of the members of the PowerForce, and the team had to travel to the planet Sham'ssar to find a cure for him. Prophet was freed to once more start his church as soon as the PowerForce was dissolved, and nobody has heard of him or his cult since then.

Prophet has powers over reality. He has some super-human attributes, the ability to fly at will and create force fields of telekinetic energy. He also can change reality if he has the common belief by his side, and that is the reason his servants are so dear to him: he can create matter from nothing, change matter or force any possible change to the environment as soon as people believe in him. The PowerForce consider Prophet to have given up his plans of a theocracy, but they may be very wrong...


A Final Word on the PowerForce

The PowerForce Universe is open for expansion. After the planet-shattering events of the last months under Krethorian domination, the world is ready for new super-heroes, alien races, expansion and adventure seeds. New teams such as the Meta-Human League are not developed, and more people to help me fleshing out the descriptions of the new super-humans in the planet are needed. I have developed several villains and stand-alone heroes besides the new PowerForce, as for descriptions of the main cosmic powers in the PowerForce Universe and some alien races. But it is up to all of us to create a whole new Universe over this draft.

I would like to hear from you about new ideas for super-human teams (the Meta-Human League, the New Red Army and maybe more international super-teams would be fit for development), new Alien races, more villains, the major independent super-heroes - whatever you wish to collaborate. And if you don't like anything on this draft, we can discuss and change it. After all, I would love to see an official Powergame setting produced by this Mailing List with the help of the fans, playtesters and Mikko himself (if he finds the time to do it).

Let's create a world! And if you want to e-mail me personally to get more information on NPCs and give opinions about this draft, send e-mails to