The PowerForce

Draft Version 0.2
Based on the PowerForce Campaign Setting by Marcelo Sarsur and Development Team
Copyright © 2000, by Marcelo Sarsur
The Powergame is Copyright © 1994-1997 by Mikko Kauppinen


One year ago...

A meteor crashed on Earth, releasing the energies of an unknown chemical element on our atmosphere. Thanks to this element, called Superium, mankind faced a new evolutionary step: super-powered beings, as in comic books and sci-fi stories, entered the world. Mastering the energies in their own cells, they gained amazing powers.

A team of ordinary people blessed by the mighty energies of the Superium gathered to protect the world from the menace of Dr. Kheops, a despotic villain. These men and women, assembled by Major Power, faced alien invasions and other super-humans who didn't control their powers or used them in an evil way. They formed the UN Squadron for Special Affairs and Super-Powered Beings, the PowerForce.

Two months ago...

Dr. Kheops and the PowerForce had their last battle of tragic proportions. After stopping Kheops from destroying the world in an atomic explosion caused by Superium meltdown, Major Power and Dr. Kheops disappeared. Quantum, the most powerful human being in the Universe, was reborn as the Superium energies covered the Earth for a second time. New super-humans were created, and a new age was about to begin.

Without Major Power's guidance, the UN dissolved the PowerForce, and the heroes returned to their common lives or chose to continue their battle alone. Quantum gathered a PowerTeam to fight Evil on Earth, but a new villain, Euthanasia, destroyed the team. Sorrowful, Quantum left to the darkness of space on a quest for Major Power.


As Earth doesn't have a super-team to protect them anymore, the Krethorians, a race of evil aliens, attacks Earth with a vengeance. Mankind faces slavery and defeat, but some of the former PowerForce members and new heroes join together to save the planet from the biggest menace since the Dawn of the Superium. Their cause seems lost until Major Power returns...

Quantum, at cost of his own life, brought Major Power back to Earth, and he led the final attack against the alien conquers. Major Power assembled the PowerForce again, and, for the first time in history, the UN authorized new super-teams to be formed without its sanction. The time for heroes is now...

...As Dr. Kheops is reborn from his ashes...

A Universe of Power

When the planet fell to the clutches of an evil Alien Empire, the United Nations realized that mankind needed more protection besides the official UN super-team, the PowerForce, dismissed by the UN Security Council after the apparent demise of William M. Power. Now, it is permitted for any Earth citizen to be a vigilante, assuming that this person will register himself/herself with a codename and offer his services to the UN in an Extreme Emergency code, such as alien attacks and natural disasters in a global scale. Every registered super-human is considered a reserve member of the PowerForce and may be summoned by the team when his or her abilities are required.

The new PowerForce still keeps its connections with the UN, but the team has total freedom to choose its members. Major Power assumed the codename Quantum, and leads the PowerForce, at present with 8 members: himself, Tidal Warrior, Blackjack, Dr. Impossible, Poltergeist, Cybertron, Synapse and Spark. The Meta-Human League, formerly a criminal organization, was the first non-official team to be registered through the new rules for super-human groups. Dragon, one of the first PowerForce members, is under the new ranks of the Meta-Human League. The New Red Army, another former PowerForce foe, gained status as the main Russian super-team and diplomatic immunity as such. The team has Metallik, another ex-PowerForce member, as its new leader. Several other super-teams, as well as independent super-heroes, have flourished after the new Super-Human Registration Act.

But the new PowerForce still has to face several powerful foes: Dr. Kheops and his Chosen Ones are about to return for a showdown with the new team, and the Human Command still fights against all super-humans. The Krethorians didn't give up their conquer plans and the Bloody Hand gains more and more power in the underworld. Besides, villains as the Prophet, Euthanasia, Tzar and Gaumird the Fallen Atlantean are still active.

The cosmic powers in the world such as the Aeons, Prometheus and Continuum keep guarding the Earth, and the relations with the Saryans, the alien race that lives under the Earth's oceans, are better than ever. Adventures in space are plenty after the contact with the alien body invaders Sham'ssar and the racist Volghanians, besides the new races ready to make contact.

PowerForce: History and Member Roster

The first super-human team on Earth, the PowerForce was assembled by order of the United Nation right after the Dawn of the Superium, the event that brought super-humans to our planet. The team was assembled in the battle in the Madison Square Garden, when Dr. Kheops revealed himself to the world. The PowerForce faced fantastic challenges such as alien invasions and combats against other super-humans, and even had 15 members, among super-powered humans, aliens and one android. However, in June/99, the team faced its final confront with Dr. Kheops, and Major Power, the team leader, was considered dead.

Quantum, the most powerful human being in the Universe, was reborn in the surge of energy caused by Major Power's death. He led the PowerForce until its end, when the UN due to problems between Quantum and the man who killed him, Poltergeist, dismissed the members. Each member of the PowerForce followed his or her own path, and the UN confiscated the group's belongings. Quantum didn't give up and he assembled a new super-team, the PowerTeam, to protect the world while the PowerForce was absent.

His team failed to defeat a new villain, Euthanasia, and half of the new heroes of the PowerTeam, such as Salve, died in the battle. Filled with sorrow and guilt, Quantum decided to look for a trace of Major Power's energy coming from outer space. During his Quest for Power, Quantum faced a rebellion in the planet of the Sham'ssar, and almost died while battling the aliens who wanted to take over the planet and then attack Earth. Invader, a former member of the PowerForce, helped Quantum to fight against the aliens and, as a Sham'ssar himself, he assumed the power as the ruler of the Sham'ssar race.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the Krethorians stroke a final blow by attacking by surprise and overthrowing all chances of defense. The most powerful super-beings of the planet, including the undersea Saryan people, counterattacked and formed a resistance force, but the battle was far from ending. The super-humans in the planet could act very well separated, but they lacked a sense of group work. Quantum found Major Power in suspended animation in a cocoon made of his own energy. He brought Major Power back, but, when they reentered the Earth's atmosphere, the voyage asked for its price on Quantum's power: he was too weak to resist the pressure of the return to Earth. He fused his own dying essence with Major Power's, awakening him from his slumber and giving him even more power over the atoms.

Major Power returned to Earth, and using his new and amazing powers over matter, he destroyed some of the Krethorian battleships. He soon met the other super-humans in the Earth Resistance, and he assembled the PowerForce against the menace. In a brave endeavor, Major Power (now calling himself Quantum in homage to the teenager who sacrificed his life in Major Power's name) and the PowerForce destroyed the Main Battleship of the invading fleet, ruining the Krethorians' conquer plans. His new team received the UN's sanction once more, and now they form the first super-human team for Extreme Emergency cases and Global alerts.

The PowerForce has three main jobs: to find and help other super-humans to use their powers correctly; to combat those who use their powers for crime; and to face extraordinary situations such as alien invasions and natural disasters in a global scale. Old and new members join together to fight evil and the PowerForce's arch-villain: the despotic Dr. Kheops.

Since the PowerForce is an international organization, most of its members are from different parts of the world. Some of the team members are not even human beings, but aliens and androids. Quantum, Tidal Warrior and Dr. Impossible lead the team.

Quantum (Major William Michael Power):

Attributes: Agility 3, Strength 1, Health 2, Charisma 2, Wits 1+1, Psyche 1+1, Protection 1(3 - PowerForce Uniform), Speed 1
Superpowers: Atomic blast 6, Amplified Agility 3, Atomic manipulation 4, Flight 3
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Military position (UN forces major), Good Reputation, Comfortable Wealth level, Enemy: Dr. Kheops, Sense of Duty to the PowerForce and to mankind.
Skills: Military strategy, Fighter piloting, Use of diverse firearms, Diplomacy, Lecturing, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, some notions of Russian and Japanese

Date of Birth: November 12, 1964
Height: 1,87 m.
Weight: 79 kg
Hair color: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: B

William Michael Power was born in Toronto, Ontario. He was always a brilliant student, and soon he became one of the best in every school activity he participated. Coming from a middle class family, his dream was always to be among the clouds and the stars, to be a pilot. He fulfilled this dream when he was accepted in the Royal Canadian Air Force and he graduated as the best pilot in 1990.

He soon was assigned to positions in the Gulf War forces, and his participation both in combats and military planning rendered him several ranks in the Army, becoming the youngest Major in the UN forces. He had a counseling position in the creation of new plane designs and Canadian air space patrol, but a tragedy would change his life forever.

During the first vacations in five years of unstopping service, William traveled with his family when a truck hit his car where he, his wife Madeline and his little daughter Joan traveled. He was the only survivor. Depressed, he even thought of giving his military rank and his life up when the Superium meteor hit the Earth, giving him amazing superpowers and a new chance to feel useful to others. He convinced the Security Council of the UN of the importance of assembling the new super-humans in a group where their powers could be used to the benefits of all mankind, to avoid new tragedies. So, the PowerForce was born.

Quantum assumed his new codename after he recovered himself from the damages he suffered channeling the energies of a new Superium meltdown caused by Dr. Kheops. He was brought to Earth by the former Quantum, once known as the most powerful human being in the Universe. Quantum himself is the most powerful human being now, but he doesn't know how to unleash all the powers he has. He does his best to protect his friends in the PowerForce and to be useful to others. He is used to giving orders, serious, reliable and demanding, but extremely caring. He is a super-human whom the UN members trust, and he tries to be a perfect leader.

His powers include super-human Agility to use his blasts of energy; atomic blasts able to destroy molecules; and an ability to change the atomic composition of materials, such as turning iron to dust or changing air into water.

(Observation: In some campaigns, this hero may be used as an NPC.)


Blackjack (Andrew Warren):

Attributes: Agility 2, Strength 1+1, Health 1, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1, Psyche 1+1, Protection 1(3 - PowerForce uniform), Speed 1
Superpowers: Probability control 5
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Bad sight (wears contact lenses), Quick reflexes, Psyche addiction 3 (read below)
Skills: Singing, Guitar playing, Chemistry (Drugs), Music composing, Riding Motorcycles, Firearms (Handguns), Melee weapons (Swords, daggers), Chaos Theory Lore, Gambling, Spanish

Date of Birth: February 09, 1977
Height: 1,78 m.
Weight: 70 kg
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Blood type: O

Andrew was born in Seattle, the land of the great Rock bands. During the Grunge revolution, as every teenager in his area, he formed his own band, "Brainwash", with two of his friends. He had constant problems with his family, and he left home when he had enough money to rent an old apartment in a dangerous part of the town. His band never left Seattle, but Andrew created his own masterpiece, a song as powerful to him as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was for Nirvana. The song was an incredible success among the teenagers in the nightclub he played in, and an important record label producer would be in the nightclub on March 17th, 1998.

But the other band members weren't willing to help Andrew out. They were stoned after hours of drinking and drug abuse, and they could barely stand up on stage. When Todd sang a wrong part in Andrew's "Drinking with Mr. Satan", Andrew himself pulled a gun and killed his band fellows. The Dawn of the Superium hit Seattle, and the light covered all in the club. Two policemen shot Andrew 12 times, leaving him in a pool of blood, considering him dead. None of the bullets hit a vital organ, and Andrew met Major Power in the hospital. He had a proposal for Andrew: he could face a trial for the murder of his two friends, or he could serve the world as a member of the PowerForce. He opted for the second choice.

After the PowerForce was dismissed, Blackjack and his girlfriend Synapse decided to lead a peaceful life away from crime-fighting, but one of the men Andrew killed in the night of March 17th returned as one of Dr. Kheops' constructs. Todd Huckers, now known as Brainstorm, almost destroyed Synapse and Blackjack in his mind mazes, but Cybertron and Dr. Impossible saved them. They were an important part of the Earth Resistance before Major Power returned from his suspended animation period and called them for a new PowerForce.

Andrew is reserved, even though he likes to criticize every authority figure he finds. He loves to be ironic, and likes to drive Quantum mad. He still dislikes working in a group, but he realizes that he needs it as much as the group needs him. He usually leaves a Jack of Spades as a symbol of his presence. He is dating Synapse since they met when the PowerForce was assembled for the first time. She is the only person who can soothe his telepathic addiction - when the Superium hit the Earth it banished the drug addiction out of Andrew's organism, but left his brain with a serious damage. His powers of probability control work randomly if he doesn't receive at least a telepathic interference every week. If Synapse can't help him for a week, he must roll his Psyche against the vulnerability PL: in case of failure, he acts in a wild fashion and his powers go out of control, turning the probabilities the other way around.

His power of Probability control allows him to control what could happen in a determinate event. One of the most practical uses of his power is when he covers his eyes with a blindfold and uses his proton cannon (PL 4) to attack his enemies. When he does so, the player can roll his Probability Control PL instead of the Agility PL to determine if he hit his target.


Cybertron (HSS2-1999-02AX):

Attributes: Agility 2, Strength 4, Health 4, Charisma 1, Wits 2, Psyche 1, Protection 4, Speed 1-1
Superpowers: Amplified Strength, Amplified Health, Amplified Protection, Lasers 4, Flight 2, Electronic Aim 2, Magnetic fields 4, Computer interface 4
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Energy dependence 4, Circuit overload 3
Skills: Databases - see below

Date of Birth (first activation): April 01, 1998
Height: 2 m.
Weight: 210 kg.
Hair color: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: --

Cybertron is, literally, the living proof of Dr. Impossible's creative capacity. He was created to be part of the PowerForce combat missions since Dr. Impossible felt unable to help in such situations. His first mission was to rescue Blackjack, Synapse and other PowerForce members after an accident in the sewers.

He is loyal and friendly, programmed to obey orders from his superiors as Dr. Impossible and Quantum. Cybertron has a code of honor programmed deep inside his circuits: he must protect the lives of his fellows, even if it costs him his own life. But he acts in a very impersonal way, speaking in a polite and formal manner with a robotic tone to his speech. He doesn't have a heart, but he's one of the friendliest members of the PowerForce.

Cybertron's only hardware problem that Dr. Impossible couldn't solve are energy overloads his system produces. While using any of Cybertron's powers, the player must roll Cybertron's Health against the Vulnerability's PL. If Cybertron was damaged penalties must be subtracted from the Health roll, and therefore damage makes overloads easier to happen. If the test fails, Cybertron has a circuit overload and must be taken for repairs. Until the overload is fixed and some hardware interfaces are replaced, Cybertron cannot act.

One of Cybertron's electronic brain main advantages is the incredible amount of data it can store. Cybertron can, with a successful Wits roll, research for any information that lies on any good encyclopedia. But the data on his database is mainly theoretic, which doesn't help in a Driving or Cooking roll, for example.

Cybertron depends on energy to work. He can convert virtually anything (including ordinary food) into energy using a portable atomic reactor located in his "stomach", use the solar panels on his head or plug himself to any energy source (including ordinary batteries and home plugs) through a cable in his leg. Every hour, Cybertron must be fed or he will consume his energy sources. His battery is able to sustain him for 5 hours, but after that time he is vulnerable to power overloads. If he runs out of energy, he must roll his Health against difficulty 5 and, in case of failure, he will consume his own atomic reactor, causing a nuclear explosion equivalent to an area of 50-km diameter! It is vital that Cybertron has always a stable level of energy.

When the PowerForce was dismissed, Cybertron and Dr. Impossible flew to the Volghanian planet in search of help against the Krethorian invaders. kh'Ahyer, a Volghanian and former PowerForce member, fought against his own race and he was able to steal a weapon from the Volghanian Army, the Antimatter cannon. Using the PowerChallenger, PowerForce's former aircraft, Dr. Impossible and Cybertron were able to launch the team in the core of the Krethorian invasion fleet and attack the Main squadron ship. During the battle Cybertron was seriously damaged, and Dr. Impossible added more features to the newest built version.

(Observation: This character, at the GM's will, can be used either as a PC or NPC. He has two Vulnerabilities, which is wrong by the Powergame rules, and several high-level PL. Keeping it as an attraction and support to the PowerForce or giving it to a competent player may enrich your campaign.)


Dr. Impossible (Erik Peltarus):

Attributes: Agility 1, Strength 1, Health 1, Charisma 1, Wits 3, Psyche 1+1, Protection 1(3 - PowerForce uniform), Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Wits, Invention crafting 4
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Math skills, Photographic memory, Myopia, Allergic to pollen
Skills: Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biomechanics, Computing, Finnish, English, French, Spanish

Date of Birth: March 14, 1960
Height: 1,77 m.
Weight: 72 kg
Hair color: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: O

Dr. Erik Peltarus is the greatest scientist alive. Born in Helsinki, he graduated as a Physics Ph.D., but he always had great interest for all the fields of human knowledge. He was a professor in the Oxford University, and he did research for scientific societies all around the world. When the first satellites started to lose their signals and fall on Earth, Erik looked for the NASA authorities who explained to him the terrible fate of the planet - an imminent meteor crash. He considered a plan to drive the meteor away, but it was faster: Erik was irradiated by the Superium energy, and his intellect reached super-human levels.

Erik decided to study other sciences, and, after 3 weeks, he had more knowledge than many experts in the fields of Mechanics, Chemistry and Biology did. He saw the need to use his intellect to help mankind and decided to join the PowerForce. He built Cybertron and PowerChallenger, besides the remote communicators used by the team, Blackjack's proton cannon, among other creations. He works in the International Committee for Superium Studies, formed by scientists all around the world, and in the PowerForce.

After the dismissal of the PowerForce, Dr. Impossible and Cybertron had an adventure in space. He stole the PowerChallenger from the UN forces and used it to fly to the planet Volghan, where kh'Ahyer and Cybertron recovered an important weapon in the fight against the aliens. He formed the Earth Resistance with Cybertron, Blackjack and Synapse, and he was one of the first men to meet Quantum after his return from the outer space.

Dr. Impossible is trustworthy and very responsible. He feels a little insecure when it comes to his importance in the team, and he prefers to leave the field decisions in Quantum's or Tidal Warrior's hands. But when it comes to researching and science, he is the biggest authority in the team. After the assembling of the new PowerForce, Dr. Impossible acts as a field member using one of his plasma cannons (Plasma blast PL 4). His power allows him to build anything and it is also considered as a super-science. He understands any mechanism he can analyze and disassemble, in a certain period of time.


Tidal Warrior (Katherine Jennings):

Attributes: Agility 2, Strength 3, Health 2, Charisma 1, Wits 1, Psyche 1, Protection 3 (Tidal Warrior garments), Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Strength, Amplified Health, Amplified Protection, Breathe underwater 3
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Saryan training, Enemy: Gaumird, Dependence: Salt 2
Skills: Military strategy, Melee weapons (Tridents, swords), Marine Biology, Business administration, Leadership, Diplomacy, Saryan language

Date of Birth: May 19, 1974
Height: 1,79 m.
Weight: 70 kg
Hair color: Light green
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: Half-Saryan

Kate Jennings was only a rich little NY girl who studied in excellent private schools and dreamed of being an MBA. Her first job was in the Kazuki Inc., offices as Joe Kazuki's personal secretary. They met each other during the routine at the offices, and they fell in love. Joe and Kate had great moments together until a boat accident during the Dawn of the Superium. Giant waves destroyed the yacht where the two lovers sailed, and Kate was considered dead. Joe Kazuki became Dragon, one of the founding PowerForce members, and Kate certainly would have died... If it wasn't for them.

Strange men, hybrid fish-men, took her to a great glass sphere under the Ocean. There, she received all sorts of known medical treatments, but nothing worked to bring her back to conscience. So, Saryans utilized the most desperate technique: to amalgam Saryan and human DNA creating another being with Kate's same memories. The process was successful, and Kate couldn't remember her origins, only the skills she's learned throughout her life in the surface.

She was trained as a Tidal Warrior, a general of the Saryan forces, preparing herself for the massive attack against the humans who destroyed the oceans the Saryan people chose as a residence thousands of years before mankind surged. Kate fought the PowerForce by herself, and she could defeat all its members. When she recognized Joe, her memories returned to her, and she allied herself to the PowerForce. She stripped Gaumird of his title as a Tidal Warrior, and now they are mortal enemies.

Tidal Warrior became a PowerForce member and the Saryan representative in the UN. When Major Power was considered dead, she assumed the leadership of the PowerForce, but, due to Saryan affairs, she had to hand it to Quantum. Dragon and Tidal Warrior tried to resume their relationship, but her responsibilities as a Saryan diplomat turned their relation impossible. As the PowerForce was dismissed, she returned to her diplomatic affairs and fought Guard once more. Tidal Warrior led the Saryan forces in the name of the Earth Resistance, and Dragon invited her to join the Meta-Human League, but she preferred to join the PowerForce when Quantum returned from his suspended animation.

She is one of the few members of the Half-Saryan race, and she has all the powers and vulnerabilities of a Half-Saryan: she has amazing Strength, Health and Protection, and the ability to breathe underwater. Her organism needs salt to work perfectly, so she has to drink seawater or eat about 200 g of salt a day, or suffer from lack of salt and be unable to breathe properly. The lack of salt can even cause her death if she doesn't have her normal amounts of salt for two weeks.


Poltergeist (Hans Rauch):

Attributes: Agility 3, Strength 1, Health 2, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1, Psyche 1, Protection 1(3 - PowerForce uniform), Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Agility, Telekinetic chains 4, Invisibility 4
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: False Identity, Underworld contacts, Cold-blooded, Enemy: Helmut Rauch
Skills: Lockpicking, Stealth, Subterfuge, Streetlore, Escapes, Rope use, Street fighting, Firearms

Date of Birth: August 13, 1973
Height: 1,74 m.
Weight: 68 kg
Hair color: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: AB

Hans was born in an orphanage in East Germany, and he only came to know about his real family when he was 22 and his fame as an art and jewelry thief made him one of the most wanted men in Europe. He stole a set of valuable paintings at the Louvre and even attempted to steal the Crown Jewels in England. Hans met his Uncle Helmut Rauch, a rich automobilist industrial, when he hired Hans to steal a set of drafts in another automobile factory. When Hans told the Police about his uncle's plans, he started being hunted by his uncle's mercenaries.

He was still a jewelry robber and a thief for hire until a great TV CEO hired him to try the protection systems of a friend's house while he was on vacations. He didn't know it was a trap set by his uncle, and he ended up being chased by the Interpol. He escaped from the police cars but not from his uncle's thugs, who chased him until they reached a cliff. He was shot 2 times when the Dawn of the Superium rose in the skies, and then he fainted. He woke up in the Hospital after the two thugs were found dead and he survived by miracle. Major Power invited him to be part of the PowerForce, and he accepted in turn to having all his criminal registers erased.

He never had Major Power's trust, and he knew that. He was the murderer of Quantum, the most powerful human being in the Universe, when Quantum had his first uncontrollable power surge. He was shot by Quantum and, disobeying Major Power's express orders, he used lethal power against the teenager, who died in energy burst. He didn't regret his actions, but he wasn't proud of taking a young man's life.

When Major Power was considered dead, Quantum was reborn in the energy explosion. Poltergeist wasn't happy with that, and several times Quantum and Poltergeist had discussions and refused to work together. When their lack of unity almost caused kh'Ahyer's death, the PowerForce was dismissed. Poltergeist returned to the Underworld, where he fought the Bloody Hand alone as his uncle plotted to kill him and a young girl named Prism entered his life. While the Earth Resistance was formed, he joined the other PowerForce members in the fight against the Krethorians, and he was gladly accepted by Quantum in the new PowerForce.

Poltergeist can create chains of pure telekinetic energy, which he uses to manipulate objects and attack. He can turn himself invisible at will, and extend this power to one more person touching his body. He uses his powers to impose a phantasmagoric appearance and drive fear through his foes' hearts. Poltergeist is reserved and quiet, but he knows that the team needs him. He also realizes that William M. Power forgave him for killing the first Quantum, and that he can cast his past aside and have a new life in the PowerForce.


Synapse (Raquel Soares):

Attributes: Agility 1, Strength 1, Health 1, Charisma 2, Wits 1+1, Psyche 4, Protection 1(3 - PowerForce uniform), Speed 1
Superpowers: Amplified Psyche, Mind control 4, Mental Blow 4, Mind reading 4
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Talent for Arts, Traumatic event 2
Skills: Law, Driving, Portuguese, English, Psychology, Criminology

Date of Birth: February 18, 1975
Height: 1,69 m.
Weight: 58 kg
Hair color: Hazel
Eyes: Blue
Blood type: B

Raquel is a brilliant youngster. She was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and she graduated as a lawyer at a young age. Her career had all the chances to be meteoric and brilliant if it wasn't for the Dawn of the Superium and her first client...

When she decided to represent a group of homeless people in a murder case against a policeman, she started being followed by strange masked men. She left her office in the afternoon of March 17th, 1998, when her car was chased by two other cars. The criminals stopped her and they tried to abuse her when the Dawn of the Superium happened. Her first power surge killed the criminals who touched her, and she was shocked by what she had done: she wished them to be dead that their nervous systems were collapsed by her mind-controlling powers. Raquel promised never to let her powers kill another person again.

She joined the PowerForce to learn how to use her powers in a controlled manner. She met Blackjack and soon she was in love with him. They were together until the end of the PowerForce and the apparent demise of Major Power. Blackjack and Synapse decided to stay away from crime fighting for a while, but she soon came to action when Brainwash attacked. She had to explore the limits of her power when Brainwash attacked Blackjack, and Dr. Impossible and Cybertron, the only PowerForce member immune to Brainwashes powers saved her. She was part of the Earth Resistance and joined the new PowerForce when Quantum returned.

Raquel is kind and polite, always willing to help others. She doesn't like to be praised by her appearance, preferring when people talk about her skills or talents. She helps Blackjack to deal with his telepathic addiction, but she still feels insecure about using her powers to control and read other people's minds.

She can read and control minds at will, and also give mental blows to confuse and stun her enemies. She can alter and erase memories as well as creating new memories to a target, but she avoids invading one's privacy and mental integrity. Raquel still remembers the traumatic moments in the hands of the criminals during the Dawn of the Superium and, every time she attempts to use her power to hurt or violate one's thoughts, she must roll her Psyche against her Vulnerability. In case of failure, her power will not work and she will be unable to use it for 1D hours.


Prism (Dana Kennel):

Attributes: Agility 4, Strength 1-1, Health 1, Charisma 1+1, Wits 1+1, Psyche 1, Protection 1(3 - PowerForce uniform), Speed 3
Superpowers: Amplified Speed, Laser bolts 3, Invisibility 2, Create illusions 2
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: Talent for dancing, Fear of darkness 2
Skills: Dancing, Singing, English, Motorcycle driving, Acrobatics

Date of Birth: May 22, 1981
Height: 1,69 m.
Weight: 58 kg
Hair color: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Blood type: A

Dana is the youngest member of the PowerForce, and being a super-human was an accident for her. She was just a teenager in Liverpool, England, when the Second Superium Explosion gave her powers when she needed them most. Dana had just left home and she was living on her own, trying to survive as a part-time barmaid and studying at the same time. Life wasn't easy but she couldn't live with her drunken father anymore.

She loved to dance, and being in a nightclub to work was as fun as she wanted. But some bullies wanted more from her than only drinks... That was some days after the Second Dawn of the Superium, the event that changed 0.001% of Earth's population into super-beings. She was one of the people blessed with superpowers but she wasn't aware of that until when she, in a burst of rage, blinded the men in the table with a powerful flash of light.

She run as fast as she could (and that was about as fast as a car) and she searched for shelter in the subway. There she found a group of homeless people who adopted her as a daughter. A maniac found the underground community and started hunting them down until Poltergeist, seeking shelter from the Bloody Hand, found the underground haven and Prism (as the homeless started calling Dana). With Poltergeist's help, Prism found and captured the murderer, and the two even fought against the Bloody Hand together.

Dana is optimistic and lively, completely different from the savvy Hans Rauch. But she loves him very much and she understands him as well as he understands her and the hardness she faced in her short life. Hans helped Dana to master her invisibility power and, in turn, she brings some happiness into his grim life as an ex-criminal and a living ghost.

Prism hates darkness, and she panics if her Psyche roll is inferior to her Vulnerability PL whenever she is in a dark space. Her light-channeling powers allow her to create powerful laser blasts, become invisible for a short period of time, create light illusions without substance and run as fast as a small vehicle. She may have more powers she is not yet aware of, and Quantum and Poltergeist are training her in the uses of her talents. As a dancer and gymnast, she is the most agile PowerForce member.

A Final Word on the PowerForce

The PowerForce Universe is open for expansion. After the planet-shattering events of the last months under Krethorian domination, the world is ready for new super-heroes, alien races, expansion and adventure seeds. New teams such as the Meta-Human League are not developed, and more people to help me fleshing out the descriptions of the new super-humans in the planet are needed. I have developed several villains and stand-alone heroes besides the new PowerForce, as for descriptions of the main cosmic powers in the PowerForce Universe and some alien races. But it is up to all of us to create a whole new Universe over this draft.

I would like to hear from you about new ideas for super-human teams (the Meta-Human League, the New Red Army and maybe more international super-teams would be fit for development), new Alien races, more villains, the major independent super-heroes - whatever you wish to collaborate. And if you don't like anything on this draft, we can discuss and change it. After all, I would love to see an official Powergame setting produced by this Mailing List with the help of the fans, playtesters and Mikko himself (if he finds the time to do it).

Let's create a world! And if you want to e-mail me personally to get more information on NPCs and give opinions about this draft, send e-mails to