PowerForce Submission Rules

Draft Version 1.2
Copyright © 2000, by Marcelo Sarsur
The Powergame is Copyright © 1994-1997 by Mikko Kauppinen


1. The nature of the project: the main objective of every developer for the netbook, tentatively named "PowerForce Adventures Sourcebook", is to create quality characters and groups using the basic premise of the scenario - a world like ours, where the arrival of a meteor brought mutations to a handful men and women, blessed with powers beyond belief.

2. Submission posting and deadlines: all submissions must be posted in the Powergame Mailing List (powergamelist@listbot.com) or sent to my personal e-mail address, msarsur@hotmail.com. As for January 5th, 2000, there is no deadline but all submissions would be appreciated if sent before February 10th, 2000. If your project will take longer, please take your time: good submissions are worth waiting for.

3. Final publication: regardless of the number of submissions, the project must be started in February. Depending on the comission's time and my time as an editor, the final draft may be ready by June 31st, 2000. The tentative date for online publishing of the final copy is August 1st, 2000.

4. Composition of a submission:
What to submit: Super-heroes, super-villains, superteams and organizations. The submissions for alien races are officially closed. The final draft will have 6 full-developed alien races for game use (Saryans - Half-Saryans, Krethorians, Sham'ssar, Volghanians, Eldani and Technoids), the first time this kind of material will be shown in a Powergame 5.x supplement. The submissions now must concentrate on Earth and its environs.
How to submit: first, read the drafts on this website. They can be found at https://powergame.tripod.com/powerforce.htm (PowerForce, a super-team example), https://powergame.tripod.com/pforcevil.htm (PowerForce villains, some of the evil forces on Earth) and https://powergame.tripod.com/pforcealiens.htm (PowerForce Aliens, used only as a source of background information). After reading, adapt your ideas or campaign concepts to those in the PowerForce Universe (the Dawn of the Superium, the Second Dawn of the Superium, the Krethorian Invasion).

A character description should look like this:

Codename (Real name / Public or secret identity):
Attributes: Agility, Strength, Health, Charisma, Wits, Psyche, Protection, Speed
Superpowers: (all the powers the hero has with PLs)
Good Things, Bad Things and Vulnerabilities: (all GTs/BTs and Vulnerability(ies))
Skills: (list of skills)
Birth date:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Appearance: Physical description, including details of the uniform, if present
Blood type: (if applicable)
2 or more paragraphs bringing the background description of the character and its motivations to be a super-hero/super-criminal. Remember to describe all the powers of your character! In case of super-team submissions, don't forget to add up a small description of the whole team, its background and its objectives.

All submissions will be read, but not all of them will be accepted. We cannot return submissions and I consider that all colaborators are aware of this. To increase the chances of having your submission in the final draft, follow 3 rules of thumb: originality, connection with the setting and good spelling/grammar. Submissions must be balanced (no munchkin heroes, please) and must follow the basic etiquette rules (no swearing or "heavy subjects" - we don't want any more witch-hunting against RPGs on the Internet).

5. Selection of the submissions: I offer myself to be the editor of the netbook, and I would like to form a committee to help me choose the best submissions. Due to the amount of help that I received from 4 individuals, I would like to name them my fellow editors in the process: Alan, Dotan, Jiberish and Richard Garrell (if they are still present on this list). Mikko is our editor-in-chief and patron, and his opinion will be very considered through all the selection process.

UPDATED: Due to personal reasons, Alan and Jiberish will not be able to act as editors, but may help out with contributions. I am for one lookingt forward to seeing more of their work on the PowerForce Universe.

6. Credits: all published submissions will be credited to their authors. The authors' names will be a permanent part of the netbook file and the official PowerForce website. Co-works such as the Gamma Squadron will have both authors' names (in this case, Alan's and mine).

7. Copyright and distribution: the netbook will be posted in its own website and on the Powergame's website. It will be free for download, and open for expansion. All the copyrights of the Powergame will be given to Mikko is its rightful creator. The Powergame website could also have a mirror site in the same provider, allowing us to post the Powergame in the same set of pages. The right to translate the PowerForce to all languages is free, depending upon request.

Submission ideas and Project development: I described every section of the book and the progress of the section. "Not developed" means that we still need it, and we have no one assigned to do it; "Translation & Update" requires translation from the original PF in Portuguese and a small update with submission inputs; "Development" means that the main ideas are laid out, but there is still need to write it down with game stats/backgrounds/both. "Draft" means that there is an official draft that needs to be corrected and/or expanded. No parts of the netbook are final as of January 5th, 2000.

Introduction: A short story (2-4 pages) set in the PowerForce Universe (Not developed)
Chapter 1: History and Geography of the PowerForce Universe (Translation and update - This will be the last part of the netbook, assembling all ideas and concepts together in a creative and cohesive way)
Chapter 2: Character creation (Not developed);
Alien Races: No more submissions need to be sent for Alien Races
* Saryans, Half-Saryans, Sham'ssar - by Marcelo Sarsur (Draft)
* Krethorians by Valdir Espindula (Draft)
* Volghanians by Andre Oides (Draft)
* Eldani by Alan Lambert (Draft)
* Technoids by Mauno Joukamaa (Development)
Super-teams: Super-team development is required for some teams, but no more teams should be added.
* PowerForce by Marcelo Sarsur and Development team (Draft - more material to be translated)
* Meta-Human League by Marcelo Sarsur (Draft)
* New Red Army by Marcelo Sarsur (Draft to be published soon - Translation/expansion required)
* Gamma Squadron by Alan Lambert and Marcelo Sarsur (Draft to be coming soon)
* A European super-team by Dotan Dimet (Development)
* PowerTeam by Mauno Joukamaa
Chapter 3: Good, Bad and Powerful - a Character Roster
Stand-alone heroes: More interesting stand-alone supers could be developed
* Blackstrike and Night Keeper by Marcelo Sarsur (Development)
* Mark Chateau by Mikko Kauppinen (Draft)
* Howler by Alan Lambert and Marcelo Sarsur (Development)
* Quantum, Tidal Warrior, Poltergeist, Blackjack and Synapse (PowerForce members - Draft)
* Icarus, Dragon and Jaguar (Meta-Human League members - Draft)
* "Pandora's Box" adventure heroes by Dotan Dimet (Draft)
* Some more orginal heroes
Villains: we need more villains urgently. In every super-universe, there are many more villains than heroes, as Mauno pointed out in one of his e-mails. Maybe some 10+ villains would be handy.
* Dr. Kheops, Helmut Rauch, Gaumird, Czar, Prophet, Brainstorm, Euthanasia by Marcelo Sarsur (Draft)
* Dr. Pandora Winters by Dotan Dimet (Draft)
* Hellriders by Mauno Joukamaa (Draft) * Dingo by Marcelo Sarsur - a comic super-villain from Australia (Development)
* Mutagenus by Marcelo Sarsur - a shapechanger (Development)
* Taurus and Marauder by Marcelo Sarsur (Translation)
* Society of Darkness by Marcelo Sarsur - a super-villain team that makes sense (Development)
* Assecles of Kheops by Marcelo Sarsur (Translation, Update and Corrections)
* Human Command - a military force to fight super-humans (Development)
* Scarlet Sword - a secret society, Hellfire Club-style (Development)
* Freak - a psychotic criminal (Development)
* Gorgon - turning people to stone, stone control (Development)
* Man-Leech - a human parasite (Development)
* Android Master - a mad robot scientist (Development)
Cosmic powers: The Aeons (Dreamer, Ares, Follower, Herder) and Continuum - Master of Time, by Marcelo Sarsur (Development)
Chapter 4: Time for Heroes - adventure hooks, plot ideas, campaign planning (Development)
Appendix: "Pandora's Box", a PowerForce adventure, by Dotan Dimet (Draft)
Appendix 2 : Credits and Thanks (Development)

Feel free to develop and submit any of the characters listed in here under Development and without an author's name beside it. I will eventually develop these ideas myself, but I would like to spark your creativity and see the first posts coming. The first one to ask to develop an idea will be the one assigned to do it, so if you like any of the concepts in this list e-mail me and let me know you are working on it.

Thank you for your attention, and let's create a world! If you want to e-mail me personally to get more information on NPCs and give opinions about this draft, send e-mails to msarsur@hotmail.com.